Braverman’s Pop Up Gallery

by Keren Goldberg | 24.05.16

Two weeks ago, the Tel Avivian Braverman Gallery opened it’s pop up branch in New York, on the second floor of the Lower East Side gallery on Stellar Rays. It’s a great chance for a closer look at this excellent gallery, which was founded in 2004 by Yaffa Braverman, and is directed by Adi Gura.


Leandro Erlich, ‘Skylight’, 2014, Installation view

In New York, Braverman is showing a video installation by one of its artists, Nira Pereg, called ‘Ishmael’ (2014-2015). In her meticulous video installations, Pereg usually deals with the obsession surrounding holy spaces and sacred land, and its absurd implications. This time, she turned her camera at the Cave of Patriarchs in the West Bank, which is physically divided between Jews and Muslims, functioning as a mosque as well as a synagogue. Pereg filmed the five times a day in which the Muslim muezzin is accompanied by Israeli IDF soldiers through the Jewish section in order to deliver his adhān, the Islamic call to worship. 

Nira Pereg, 'Ishmael', 2014-2015, Four Channel HD Video Installation, Still from video

Nira Pereg, ‘Ishmael’, 2014-2015, Four Channel HD Video Installation, Still from video

Along side Pereg, Braverman represents young Israeli artists such as Assaf Shaham, Noa Gur and Anna Yam; alongside more established Israeli artists such as Bracha L. Ettinger, Ilit Azoulay, Ohad Matalon, David Adika, Jacob Mishori and Gilad Ratman, which represented Israel at the 55th Venice Biennale; as well as international artists such as South African Robin Rhode, Serbian Billjana Djurdjevic and Argentinian Leandro Erlich.


David Adika, ‘As in Water Face Reflects Face’, Installation view, 2013

Recently on view at the Tel Aviv space was Reuven Israel’s solo show, ‘Formula’, which included sculptures resembling giant skewers, leaning against the walls or lying on the floor. In a play of form and matter, the pieces strung together on the copper skewers seemed as shiny cubes of plastic or porcelain, industrial parts, or even colorful liquorice or lollipops, but were actually all made of painted MDF. Soon to be open is a show by German artist Katharina Gaenssler, with a special commission, a development of her recent photo-mural at the MoMA.


Reuven Israel, ‘Formula’, 2016, Installation view

‘Ishmael’, by Nira Pereg is on view through 8 June.
Braverman Gallery at On Stellar Rays Gallery, 1 Rivington St, NY, New York.


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