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Artspace Tel Aviv defines itself as a “visitor centre and gallery,” but it is much more. The non profit organization opened a year and a half ago, in the industrial area of Kiryat Ha’melacha, which currently houses around 150 artist’s studios, and an increasing number of major galleries, such as Dvir, Rosenfeld, Inga, RawArt and Feinberg Projects.



The aim of Artspace is to allow the wide public an intimate acquaintance with what this condensed location has to offer, to combine the interests of and to initiate unmediated encounters between visitors, artists and galleries in the area.



Artspace’s practice is as condensed as the location it operates in. It functions as a display space, and holds temporary monthly exhibitions (currently on display are shows by Orit Goldman, Zehava Eldesburg, and Michal Lewit), along side a smaller area dedicated to a changing presentation of works and work processes by artists from the area and outside. Currently, a sensitive display of collages by the late artist and dancer Ilona Aharon is on view. The curatorial approach of the space fosters productive encounters between young and mature artists, and initiatives by young curators.



But Artspace doesn’t stop here. They offer weekend ‘pay what you want’ guided tours including visits to galleries, artists’ studios and central street art in the area (you may book private guides as well). They also wish to become a starting point for independent visitors, and offer updated galleries and open studios listings, a small map to help you find your way in the complex maze that is Kiryat Ha’melacha, a wide selection of accessible artists files, a programme of relevant lectures and talks, and small artworks and prints for attractive prices.



A group of respected artists, such as Tzivi Geva, Micha Kirshner, Gary Goldstein, Pesi Girsch, Zvi Lachman and Simcha Shirman oversee the space’s content decisions. But the organization operates in a collective and voluntary fashion, and offers a local youth community programme as well. Orit Tuchman Duer, the initiator of Artspace, explains that Kiryat Ha’melacha “is a very attractive area. In 2-3 hours the visitor can see many shows and meet different artists, and get a real feel of the local art scene. We want to create a friendly atmosphere, in which visitors, as well as artists, are not afraid to ask questions, consult, or simply drop by for a quick coffee.”


All photographs by Yuval Chen

Artspace Tel Aviv // Shvil Hamerets 6, Tel Aviv
Mon – Thu 11:00 – 18:00
Fri-Sat 10:30 – 14:00
Closed Sunday


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